Technical Review

  • How is your website ranking? Are you receiving quality conversion rates with your website? If you don’t have answers to those two questions, you need website auditing.
  • At SAAI Consulting, we do comprehensive word ranking analysis for our clients as part of their search engine optimization campaigns. Our technical SEO team will inspect your website and determine the performance based on the keywords you currently use. If necessary, we will do keyword research to pick new, better keywords for your page titles, meta description, blog content, social media posts.
  • The purpose of our word ranking analysis is to make recommendations on how you can improve your ranking score. Making the needed keyword changes will help with your overall marketing strategy. For website auditing, we use top-notch SEO tools that provide a thorough analysis of your website. Our experts will then review the research, compare them with market standards, and provide a valuable report to discuss possible changes. 

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