Top 25 Copywriting Blogs That Will Take Your Website To The Next Level(2022 edition)

Top 25 Copywriting Blogs That Will Take Your Website To The Next Level(2022 edition)

As you know, there’s no shortage of high-quality copywriting blogs on the web.

I decided to scour the internet with the single goal of separating the wheat from the chaff and providing you with the cream of the crop of copywriting blogs.

Whether you’re just starting or are already a seasoned copywriter, these blogs provide the tools, tips, and techniques you need to know to get your copy to the next level.

What’s different about this list?

I focused only on the high rollers, meaning no one with a Semrush score lower than 35 was allowed on this list. 


Statistics at a glance:

Named as one of the top 50 marketing products award is 2022, Instapage is a solid option for both your web design and content marketing. 

Check them out on Facebook and join the over 49,000 followers already there. 

They specialize in click conversion, something often ignored by newbie website owners.


Statistics at a glance:

A great resource with educational blog posts literately every week


Statistics at a glance:

With a solid background in direct sales and over 8 years of experience in freelancing, Jacob can definitely deliver on his promises. 


Statistics at a glance: semrush details

204k subscribers on her Youtube channel as well as more than 9,000 Facebook followers lets you know you are in good hands right away.


Statistics at a glance:

These guys have a landing page that is straight and to the point. 

They choose to show you with a video rather than with tons of words why you should definitely join their community. 

The folks at Academic Writing specialize in school-related content such as essay writing for scholarships or admission letters. 


Statistics at a glance:

With over 20 years as a content marketing agency,

SuccessWorks blog contains, you guessed it, a myriad of resources dating back to the 90’s!


Statistics at a glance:

I’m adding peakfreelance as a resource if you need to hire a qualified copywriter. 

Their community section alone is worth clicking over as it answers many questions when trying to get your website in tip-top content shape.  


Statistics at a glance:

Verbal identity specializes in what to say to bring your business to the next level.

In operation since 2010, they are based out of Oxford England and have 5,600 Twitter followers


Statistics at a glance:

These guys have helped businesses in more than 16 different professional sectors!

From travel to Fashion to the Financial sector, the guys at Bigstar know a LOT of what it takes to get your website to the next level. 

Their blog along covers an insane amount of topics. 

10. radix-communications

Statistics at a glance:

Radix puts up one blog post every day on their blog. That’s pretty impressive by any standards. 

In addition to telling you who they have worked with(as most do on their homepage), they provide detailed case studies which allow you to really see how they go about their copywriting process. 


Statistics at a glance:

The folks at blog.42 have put together a very practical resource for copywriting guides and “How to’s”.

You can also check them out on Facebook 

12. homepage

Statistics at a glance: statistics

Located in beautiful Orlando, FL, the good people at focus on small businesses when it comes to their marketing services. 

You can also check them out on Youtube

13. blog

Statistics at a glance: semrush

Marketsmith’s blog has put together some very insightful copywriting blog posts on everything from “Saas Copywriting for humans” all the way to “Adapting Your English to a Changing World: A Guide to Writing for Global Audiences

14. home page

Statistics at a glance: semrush

chima mmeje is the head of this marketing firm.

Her expertise comes from having written over 3000 blog posts with an average of 5000 words a day!

Her blog posts have a more personalized feel to them as she connects what is teaching with how she learned it. 

Very very cool blog that you should definitely check out. 

15. copywritercollective blog

Statistics at a glance: blog  semrush

Copywriter collective has put together a ton of great guides on copywriting.

Each blog post is very organized and takes you through complex content in an easy, enjoyable read. 


Statistics at a glance: semrush puts together blog posts that are highly instructional and visually easy to follow. 

Here is their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.   


Statistics at a glance: semrush

The blog posts at are very detailed.

The average blog post is 2000+ words so you know any topic they are covering they did their due diligence on. 


Statistics at a glance: semrush has been around for a bit now.

You can tell by the vast list of categories you can learn about on their website. 

Focusing on everything from branding to freelancing to of course, copywriting, you will definitely learn a lot from their blog

19. homepage

Statistics at a glance: semrush

brandmaster academy has an impressive Semrush score of 44.

Their blog is instructional mainly when trying to improve your brand. 

From podcasts to how to guides. This is definitely a blog worth checking out. 

20. blog page

Statistics at a glance: semrush stats

Hinge marketing adds a new blog every 3 to 4 days

This is impressive on it’s own and it is further solidified by their Semrush score of 54

Their blog posts a broader in topics so in addition to copywriting, you will learn about marketing know how’s in general.  

21. blog

Statistics at a glance: semrush stats

I like to compare Honcho to sites like Search Engine Land or Search Engine Journal

This is because their blog posts are directly connected to what’s happening now in the world of website marketing.

Something I really liked about their blog is that their pictures are truly top-notch quality. 

22. blog

Statistics at a glance: semrush stats

The guys at cognism like bright colors. 

2 seconds in their blog and you will feel you have stumbled into the Disneyworld of marketing blogs. 

Their blog posts are well researched and contain tons of practical advice. 

Definitely check these guys out.

23. blog

Statistics at a glance: semrush stats

copychief is all about Kevin Rogers.

This means that every blog post is worded from his real-world experience and perspective. 

One of the many things I like about Kevin’s blog are his blog post titles.. “How to replace your worst client” and “Why I’m flying 14 hours for a 6 hour meeting” come to mind. 


Statistics at a glance: semrush stats

Partners Kira Hug and Rob Marsh offer actual copywriting programs that you can follow to get better. 

They also have a podcast where they interview copywriting experts on a regular basis. 

Definitely check them out. My favorite blog posts are here and here


Statistics at a glance: semrush stats

The guys at enchanting marketing also offer courses on copywriting. 

They have worked with everyone from crazyegg to Forbes so you know the information you are reading is top-notch. 

My favorite blog posts are here and here

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