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SEO Agencies And Which One Is Best For Your Business Size

seo companies

If you are a business owner looking to save money on your online marketing as well as learn a little bit more about SEO, keep reading below.

SEO definition, differences, and techniques

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is defined as improving how well your website ranks on Google searches.

The above is done by adding and improving each and every page of your website.

Everything from adding pages, to improving copy or adding a regularly updated blog will guarantee better rankings and improved SEO.

SEO has been around since 1997, and in the past 24 years, it has slowly and surely become a pivotal part of any and every successful website on the net.

As far as techniques to SEO, all of them follow a similar pattern in terms of inception:

Phase 1-Data gathering phase:

google analytics

Top SEO companies know that data needs to be gathered on your competition, as well where your own website stands as far as rankings at the moment. This practice allows for much better search engine optimization services.

The data or information that is gathered can be explained as keyword ranking positions in Google.

Every word, or combination of words, is assigned a “keyword ranking” place in Google’s search engine.

The more keywords a website ranks for in Google, the better off that website will be. The data-gathering phase can be done by paying a keyword analysis service such as Semrush or Ahrefs.

The above-mentioned services will charge you from $100.00 and up a month to use them but, they are invaluable tools in phase 1 of Google domain authority improvement and online reputation management.

At SAAI consulting, Using Semrush as part of our digital marketing strategy to ensure proper analysis of all data is a regular occurrence.

Phase 2-Plan implementation:

organic search engine optimization

If Phase 1 is your data or information gathering, phase 2 is where action comes into play.

In this phase, content creation campaigns come together. One example of this is blog posts targeting specific keywords as provided by phase 1 mentioned above.

SEO campaigns mostly run on a 3 to 6, or 6 to 12-month duration as this is how long it takes to start ranking in the top 100 search pages on Google.

Getting to page 1 of the search in Google definitely takes longer than 1 year.

The above depends on how often quality content is added to the website related to any specific keyword.

At SAAI consulting, we offer a number of web design and online marketing packages that guarantee your business will be ranking in Google.

What are SEO companies?

local seo company

An SEO company is an agency that charges customers to improve their rankings on Google.

They can provide a comprehensive overview of your website and most times make the changes necessary for your website to rank in Google.

Difference between a marketing company and an SEO agency

Difference between a marketing company and an SEO company

An SEO company focuses solely on Google ranking improvement and keyword

improvement. 99% of the work is online.

Examples of SEO company products would be:

affordable seo services

  • Website auditing
  • Website ranking analysis
  • Website marketing strategy based on location
  • Keyword campaigns by length(1, 2 words, etc)
  • Keyword campaign by topic(surfing in the Bahamas)

A marketing company can do the above as well as offer real-world marketing services like a magazine, billboards, or TV advertisements.

Examples of marketing company products would be:

  • Print advertising(1-page spread)
  • Billboard advertising(by size and geographical location)
  • TV advertising(30 seconds vs 10-second commercial)

Best SEO techniques for a small company

Best SEO techniques for a small company

Now that we’ve covered some background info on SEO, let’s talk about some things to keep in mind when putting together your campaigns.

For the purpose of this blog post, we will define a small size company as basically you the owner, and maybe one employee.

Aim to rank for up to 5 keywords

Aim to rank for up to 5 keywords

When you are a small business, aiming for only up to 5 keywords allows you to slowly start getting noticed by Google.

It is also important to aim for just up to 5 keywords because as you start ranking, the incoming flow of customers coming to your site will increase.

This increase in customer flow might now be something you can handle if the flow is too large(more than 5 keywords)

Due to the fact you want to provide great customer service(hopefully) you don’t want new queries, questions, or customer signs up to go unattended.

Once you start receiving the new volume flow of customers, you can make slowly make changes to your website and business process that will accommodate the change.

Think of it like going to the gym, you first need to learn to lift 50 lbs before you can lift 100.

It is very important to have a good design/marketing team on your side that will help you make the website changes mentioned above.

At SAAI consulting, we are able to deal with all levels of incoming customer flows(clicks) in a timely manner.

Best SEO techniques for a medium-sized company

Best SEO techniques for a medium-size company

Now that you are comfortable dealing with the new incoming flow of traffic, next step is to rank for more keywords.

Aim to rank for up to 10 keywords

seo strategy

At this point in your marketing strategy, Google knows who you are and is slowly sending more traffic your way.

Aiming for up to 10 keywords brings things to the next level.

Not only will you have more work on your hands, but at this point, it would be a good thing to add a couple of extra tools to your site:

Contact form

free consultation

Adding a contact form to your site allows for easier information capture management.

It is also a great customer service tool if the person looking through your site would like to be contacted at a later date.

FAQ section

FAQ section

Adding a frequently asked questions page to your site is another great customer service tool.

As more people come to your site, you will slowly start to hear the same questions over and over.

Having a page on your site that specifically answers those questions will greatly increase user experience.

A great user experience leads to better website reviews, which leads to a better domain authority ranking by Google.

Best SEO techniques for a large company

google search results

This is the big leagues. At this point, you have more than 4 employees and are ready to handle any increased level of incoming customer flow.

Aim to rank for up to 20+ keywords

web traffic

When you are aiming to rank for more than 20 keywords, you will need to hire someone just to do SEO.

At this point, hiring an outside SEO agency can certainly help lighten the load.

If you choose to hire an SEO agency, the packages they will try and sell you on will be determined by the number of keywords you want your website to rank for.

At SAAI consulting, we offer packages specifically tailored to rank for 20+ keywords.

At SAAI We offer monthly reports that allow you to see firsthand how each and every campaign is performing.

Outsourcing your SEO

seo professionals

Outsourcing, also known as hiring cheap labor(when calculating in USD), occurs when you pay someone overseas to do your SEO or content writing.

Outsourcing has become a very common practice in the US when it comes to a lot of different fields and businesses.

According to this statistic, outsourcing in 2021 is expected to produce more than 110 billion in revenue.

With numbers like the above as incentives, it is not hard to see why many business owners opt for this option.

When you outsource, you basically want someone to take over a boring, repetitive task that is easily manageable.

If you are outsourcing your SEO, it is very important to know what exactly it is you will be asking them to do for you in terms of SEO.

Outsourcing is all about clear, concise instructions with no room for misinterpretation.

Understanding SEO packages before you outsource

Having a decent understanding of SEO pricing is paramount if you are going to pay someone overseas to take over the task.

Strategy 1-Get in touch with 5 different SEO agencies online and get their free quotes.

best seo services

By getting price ranges directly from SEO agencies, you will be able to compare firsthand how much a regular SEO package costs.

If you mentioned you are shopping around you will certainly hear lower prices than what is shown on their websites.

Strategy 2-Understand what keywords connect to your market.

marketing channels

You will be asking for quotes, make sure those quotes are based on keywords that will actually matter to your niche.

It will be useless if you are given a price of $500.00 a month for an SEO package for keywords “surfing in California”, but your business is tax preparation. You can see the disconnect yes?

Make sure that the keywords you are given a quote for are related to your business.

How do you know? ask the SEO agency to give you the quote.

Strategy 3-Stay is flexible to a hybrid arrangement.

business development

Ideally, all your SEO needs are being handled by one company but, depending on your specific situation, something else can work better.

You can divide your budget into 2:

Pay half to a US-based SEO agency that understands your specific niche.

Pay the other half to an overseas agency that mindlessly helps you rank for smaller, less expensive keywords.

SEO costs in Malaysia and other countries.


Let’s look at some places overseas along with their SEO monthly costs. SEO services available overseas can vary, from one-person shops to full-on digital marketing agencies with their own in-house marketing team.

The great thing is that the most important thing to your potential customers is quality work, not where the work is coming from.

SEO in Malaysia

According to Google, it costs between $700.00 to $2,300.00 a month to hire a Malaysian SEO agency.

Agencies normally charge around $2,800.00 a month.

Something to keep in mind is that the price could be more or less depending on the number of keywords being targeted.

SEO in The Philippines

seo specialists

According to Google, paying someone in the Philippines to do your SEO will run you between $700.00 to $5,000.00.

The same rules as Malaysia apply in terms of the price.

The more keywords the more money it will cost.

SEO in Singapore

Singapore is very affordable with SEO packages ranging from $200.00 to $700.00 or more.

SEO in India

seo specialists

The average SEO package in India costs a mere $200.00 or more.

As always the price can go up from here but with a starting amount this low, even the most competitive keywords will come within budget.

The key thing to keep in mind for all of the above options is the quality of work.

A lot of times, if something comes cheap it is because there is a decline in quality.

Make sure to research reviews and complaints on each SEO agency in general that you are considering hiring. Especially if the company is based overseas.

Thank you so much for checking out our latest blog post!

Before you go, here’s a bit about us at SAAI:

Here at SAAI we do Web Design

Here at SAAI we do Web Design

WITH an effective page DESIGN-Your online presence will make people not only want to stay but..LOOK around! ever been to a store where everything was so easy to get to, you NEVER got lost and knew exactly how to get everywhere? that’s what an effective, SALES-oriented well-designed website will do for your business. Our Brooklyn SEO agency can make a difference.

WITHOUT an effective page DESIGN-Your website will look like a war zone. People will know they are IN a store but have no idea WHAT is going on, WHERE they should go, or HOW to buy IF they find what they’re looking for.

People will leave your website almost immediately, you won’t get the sale, you will not pay rent.. affairs in order… headstone shopping.. you get the idea.

Here at SAAI we do SEO

Here at SAAI we do SEO

WITH SEO-Your website will allow you to pay your rent/bills/employees. It’s that simple.

Ever walk into the mall and had NO choice BUT to go through a random store first? well, SEO will make YOUR business that store people HAVE to walk through.

SEO will place your business on page 1 of Google so your product is seen FIRST.

WITHOUT SEO-Your website will falter and fail.

It’s that simple. Imagine your store is located in the BACK of the mall where it’s too far to walk so NO ONE ever goes there.

If patrons do not come through your doors, your business will falter and fail… you will not pay rent.. affairs in order… headstone shopping.. you get the idea.

We looked around the net and made sure WE are doing what others are not:

1-We respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

2-We go through painstaking details on our contracts to make sure all information is clearly understood before we move forward.

3-We ONLY take on about 2 to 3 ideal clients at a time to ensure we give you our undivided attention.

We feel that it is way more important to provide QUALITY service than to meet some insane “100 client quota”

4-The above rule allows us to meet deadlines without issue, ensuring both quality of service and a guarantee that you will stay with us for the long run.

5-To avoid any issues or misunderstandings, we only take on clients that we KNOW for a fact we will be able to help.

If there are issues that will prevent us from providing you with the best service we will simply tell you before any paperwork is signed.

Shoot us an email or give us a call and Let’s chat! 

You can also continue learning about web design and SEO for your website by reading some of our other blog posts below


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