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Top 9 Local SEO Statistics for 2022

Top 9 Local SEO Statistics for 2022

Millions of people are looking for local services on Google every day. What might come as a bit of a surprise, however, is the significant impact local SEO has on small and large businesses. It is essential to partner with a Brooklyn SEO agency that will provide you with an appropriate strategy to maximize your rankings and ensure success.

In this post, we will present the local SEO statistics for 2022. The key is to keep up with the trends and target customers’ behavior to properly optimize your future SEO strategy.

What Is Local Search?

What Is Local Search?

Local search explains the use of Google and other search engines that allow people to submit geographically-related queries. For example, “Brooklyn car dealer,” “sushi place near me,” or “nail salons in NY.”

These are a few examples of how potential customers today search for quick information online about a specific business, product, or service. They want to type in a few keywords, get local search results fast, and decide which business or brand to use.

When seeking out local businesses, people often look for two types of information:

●      Listing information: (address, phone numbers, store hours, menu, etc.)

●      Reputation information (most popular keywords, online reviews, comments, and ratings)

Importance of Local Search Engine Optimization Statistics

Local SEO has numerous benefits, and here are the most important ones:

●      Local SEO can help increase traffic on your website from specific regions and areas. With the right local SEO strategies, businesses can improve their brand reputation among local desktop and smartphone users.

●      Local SEO allows you to rank your local company online for specific products or service keywords. Local customers do online searches when buying new products, so you have an opportunity to boost your business.

●      Local SEO doesn’t cost a dime. You can also use Google My Business, Google Analytics, and other tools for free to gain meaningful information and promote your local store.

●      Local searchers want to purchase from reliable sources only. That is why they always want to see online reviews before deciding to invest their money. With local SEO efforts, you can stimulate more people to review your store.

●      With the increase of local smartphone searches, businesses have a significant opportunity to attract more traffic to their store by leveraging local SEO.

Local SEO Statistics and How They Impact Local Businesses

Local SEO Statistics and How They Impact Local Businesses

Local SEO statistics and trends help agencies, marketers, and business owners improve their local search presence to better perform locally and reach the right audience.

#1. Most Local Searches Are on a Mobile Device

Do you know that more than 50% of local search queries come from tablets or mobile devices? Since the first iPhone launched in 2007, mobile searches have started increasing, and today, they surpass desktop searches.

Local search users tend to use their smartphones as the fastest and most convenient way to get the necessary information. So, they turn to Google when they want to know, buy, or do something.

Another interesting fact is that more than 80% of local searches are through a web browser, and less than 15% are through a map-based application. Although map-based app searches seem like a better choice, potential customers find it easier to use browsers instead.

#2. Millennials Search for a Local Business to Buy Immediately

Millennials don’t have the time or the patience to spend hours on Google Maps or the Google search engine to compare local businesses. Instead, they want results fast so they can buy what they’re looking for immediately.

According to the latest local SEO statistics, more than 40% of millennials who perform Google searches will visit the first three businesses that appear on the list. They are also more likely to perform a local search on the go. Millennials also use Google Maps to get the right directions and access Google reviews, all while in motion.

These local search statistics help us understand the importance of having a local SEO campaign and optimizing your business for local SEO to capture search intent. With a well-optimized local SEO strategy, you can rank higher on Google searches and appear to mobile users, potential customers, and millennials who currently have the highest spending power.

#3. More Than 50% of Businesses Don’t Optimize for Local Searches

According to local SEO stats, 58% of businesses don’t optimize their listings. So, despite the fact that it pays to have a local strategy that incorporates the latest digital marketing trends, more than half of businesses aren’t optimizing, which is a big disadvantage in terms of acquiring new customers and increasing sales.

Here are a few tips to optimize your website to boost local business searches and rankings:

●      Improve page load speed (optimize images, clean up the media library, use a CDN, or reduce the number of HTTP requests)

●      Ensure you have a mobile-friendly site

●      Add appropriate meta title and meta descriptions

●      Optimize Google My Business (people search for the address, business hours, and phone numbers)

●      Local link building (get high-quality links from high profile and authoritative domains back to your website)

●      Determine popular local search terms and create appropriate content

As local SEO statistics show, local searches continue to grow day by day. Without a proper local SEO strategy or a lack of website optimization, businesses can’t enjoy the benefits local SEO offers. With a well-optimized website, local businesses can improve their online presence, increase in-store visits, and maximize revenue.

#4. More Than 70% of the People Use Voice Search to Explore Local Businesses

Voice search is a popular way to find local stores and businesses online. Here are some local SEO stats that prove that voice search has an immense impact on local businesses.

●      More than 40% of mobile searchers select voice searches when looking for additional information about a certain business.

●      More than 40% of tablet users also use voice searchers to hunt for nearby stores. 

It is essential to follow the trends and pay attention to how potential customers scroll through Google results. The more you know about the local intent of your target audience, the more you can personalize your local SEO strategy.

#5. More Than 20% of Local Google Searches Influence Shopping Behavior

According to the latest local search stats, almost 30% of searches lead to a purchase. When users search for a brand on Google, they crave to buy something. As a result, 28% of local searches end successfully with a purchase. 

These local SEO stats again prove that as a business owner, it is worth investing time and effort into optimizing your Google My Business listings and local SEO strategies. With the right team and strategy by your side, you can expect an increase in search rankings, more traffic, and sales.

#6. More Than 70% of Mobile Searches Lead to an Offline Purchase

According to mobile SEO statistics, those who use mobile devices and tablets convert faster than others.

Almost 80% of mobile searches lead to an offline purchase, which is a big advantage for local business stores. This statistic proves the importance of a consistently updated Google My Business listing for both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

#7. The Searches for “Near Me” Doubled in 2021

The local SEO statistics show an increase for the search term “near me” in 2020 and predict that the phrase will be even more popular in 2022.

Between 2015 and 2016, the online research for this term grew by 136%, and since then, it has continued growing.

If you want to attract more attention toward your local business, you should optimize your Google business page and work on blog posts and web pages that include “near me” keywords. Businesses available on Google search results when potential buyers are searching are more likely to experience traffic and revenue increase.

#8. Local Businesses Experience a 60% Call Increase Due to a Google My Business Listing

No matter your industry, if you focus on GMB and on-site optimization, you can expect a significant increase in calls. Although millennials and Generation Zers prefer typing or talking to a store representative via live chat, some people still like to call and get all the information they need regarding a specific product or service.

If your business currently depends on calls, it may be a good idea to consider shifting toward local SEO. Local queries account for half of Google’s two trillion annual searches, and many businesses understand that local SEO is one of the best ways to drive more traffic and boost sales.

#9. 88% of Online Reviews Come from Four Websites

By now, you know that online reviews are essential in shaping user behavior. Reviews are also a significant factor in determining organic search results.

Positive reviews can help a store rank higher and, hopefully, achieve a top spot.

Only four websites are responsible for the delivery of 88% of reviews: Google (73%), Yelp (6%), Facebook (3%), and TripAdvisor (3%).

Call for an Optimized and Effective Local Business Strategy

With local SEO statistics serving as our guide, we help local businesses expand their online presence and improve brand recognition.

SAAI Consulting is a local SEO company that provides SEO services to increase your online rating and business presence in your city. With our help, you can engage with new potential clients and maximize business growth. We have the experience, knowledge, and skills to help you prosper in the most challenging areas in your industry.

Contact us today at 1-585-326-0540 or [email protected] to talk about your local SEO needs, and we’ll provide you with a strategy and a solution.

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Here at SAAI we do Web Design

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Here at SAAI we do SEO

Here at SAAI we do SEO

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