Brooklyn SEO: 15 Action Steps To Rank Locally

Local search

Brooklyn SEO: 15 Action Steps To Rank Locally

In this blog post, we will outline 15 actionable steps that you can take to improve your SEO and rank higher in local search results.

Follow these steps, and you will dominate your competition

Table Of Contents
  1. Top 3 things to remember about local SEO
  2. 1 – Strategic Area Focus
  3. 2 – Local Search Term Optimization
  4. 3 – Mobile Search Is Really Important
  5. 1. Make sure your website is optimized for local SEO
  6. 2. Claim your business listings on Google My Business
  7. 3. Make sure you’re listed on other significant directories
  8. 4. Use the right keywords when optimizing your content
  9. 5. Create a blog
  10. 6. Utilize social media marketing
  11. 7. Get more reviews
  12. 8. Monitor your competitors
  13. 9. Target long-tail keywords
  14. 10. Use image alt tags
  15. 11. Submit website sitemap
  16. 12. Generate backlinks
  17. 13. Use structured data
  18. 14. Optimize page titles and meta descriptions
  19. 15. Track your progress
  20. Frequently Asked Questions About Ranking Locally in Brooklyn

Top 3 things to remember about local SEO

1 – Strategic Area Focus

asian woman pinned on the map location

Focus on the areas where you rank well and use targeted keywords to build a bridge to higher rankings.

For example:

If you rank well in Brooklyn SEO, use a combination of terms like “Brooklyn organic google ranking” to show Google that your content is relevant and valuable.

2 – Local Search Term Optimization

Local marketing

Optimize your website for local search terms, such as “Brooklyn SEO” and “Brooklyn organic google ranking,” to rank higher in local searches.

3 – Mobile Search Is Really Important

Man planning next vacation trip while journey. Searching travel destination on mobile map. Vacation

Make sure your content is mobile-friendly, which is increasingly essential for local search engine optimization.

An excellent place to test your website’s mobile speed is Google’s “Test My Site.

Another excellent source for mobile speed strategies is our recent blog post.

With this in mind, here are the steps…

1. Make sure your website is optimized for local SEO

bearded developer using laptop, on blue with website search bar

This includes having accurate NAP (i.e., Name, Address, and Phone number) information on all site pages and ensuring that you use keywords specific to Brooklyn in your content.

Advanced tip on creating your NAP profile

Use tagging so that search engines can identify your business. is a way to structure data that helps search engines rank your website.

Additional resources

We wrote a super popular blog post on local SEO optimization; you can check it out here.

2. Claim your business listings on Google My Business

Businessman using smartphone and computer keyboard.

Use this platform to create a complete profile of your business so potential customers can find you easily using the local search feature.

Advanced tip on starting your Google My Business

Make sure to include photos and videos of your business to optimize your profile further and rank higher in local search results.

3. Make sure you’re listed on other significant directories

Security guard a large yellow cabinet with cells

Having an up-to-date profile on Yelp, Yellow Pages, and other prominent online directories will help people discover your business when looking for similar companies in Brooklyn.

Advanced tip on directory listings

Use consistent NAP information across all listings for maximum SEO impact.

An example would be using a unique email address for each directory listing and ensuring that all listings have the same phone number, address, website URL, business name, etc.

4. Use the right keywords when optimizing your content

Inscription keyword research

You’ll want to use Brooklyn-specific keywords and phrases like “Brooklyn SEO,” “Brooklyn organic google ranking,” and other relevant words that potential customers are likely to search for.

Advanced tip on keyword optimization

Aim to use synonyms for the same keyword and phrases to rank for various search queries.

An example would be using “Brooklyn SEO” and “SEO Brooklyn” to rank for both potential search terms.

5. Create a blog

Notebook with drawing Blog on multicolor background

Blogging regularly (once every week or two) is a great way to generate fresh content that can help improve your overall rank in local search results.

Advanced tip on creating a blog

Ensure you include relevant keywords and phrases in your post titles and content so that you rank for different search queries.

An example would be the title of this post you are reading now.

6. Utilize social media marketing

Social media

Make sure you have an active presence on all major social media channels and post regular updates with links to your website or blog posts.

Advanced tip on social media marketing

Make sure to include a location tag with every post, as this will help your rank in local search results.

To create a location tag using Instagram:

– Tap on “Add Location”

– Search for your business name and select it from the dropdown list

– Tap “Done” to finish tagging.

Additional resources

We went all in on social media SEO techniques in this blog post.

7. Get more reviews

Customer Experience, Review Concept. Five yellow stars excellent rating in frame on yellow

Reviews on Google My Business, Yelp, and other sites can significantly increase your rank in local search results.

Advanced tip on getting more reviews

Encourage customers to leave reviews on all available platforms. You can get some email template examples here.

You can send automated follow-up emails or include a call-to-action in your website footer.

Here are some examples of a call to action to get you more reviews:

“We would love to hear your feedback! Leave us a review here.”

“Did you enjoy our services? Tell us about your experience and leave us a review.”

“Share your opinion with others and leave us a review!”

8. Monitor your competitors

girl gamer wear headphone competition play video game neon light computer.

Take the time to monitor what your competitors are doing and see if there’s anything they’re doing that you could replicate or improve upon.

Advanced tip on monitoring your competitors

Set up email alerts for when your competitors rank for specific keywords so you can quickly adapt and rank higher than them.

To set up an email alert using Semrush:

– Go to Semrush > Projects

– Select the project you want to track

– Click “Alerts” in the left menu

– Enter your desired keywords and set up an email alert.

9. Target long-tail keywords

Two business people holding and pointing keyword on post it notes on a glass wall to brainstorm

These are more specific phrases, such as “best Brooklyn SEO services” or “Brooklyn organic google ranking specialists,” that can help you rank higher on search engine results pages.

Advanced tips on long-tail keywords

Use them naturally in your content and titles

An example would be including the phrase “best Brooklyn SEO services” in blog post titles or page headings instead of just stuffing it into the content.

Use them in your meta descriptions

An example would include “looking for the best Brooklyn SEO services?” in your meta description.

Use variations of the exact phrase

Variations include “top Brooklyn SEO services” and “expert Brooklyn organic google ranking specialists.”

10. Use image alt tags

Jigsaw puzzle close up

Make sure all your images have relevant and descriptive alt tags so Google can understand what each image is about and rank it accordingly.

Advanced tip on image alt tags

Include keywords related to your Brooklyn SEO campaign in the alt tags of all images on your website.

An example would be using “Brooklyn organic google ranking” as an alt tag for an idea about local rank optimization.

11. Submit website sitemap

Website development

Make sure you’re submitting a sitemap to Google so that it can crawl your website and rank it appropriately.

Advanced tip on offering your website sitemap

Use a free online tool such as

Here are the actual steps:

– Go to

– Enter the URL of your website

– Click “Start”

– Generate a sitemap and submit it to Google.

12. Generate backlinks

Link building

Try to get other websites to link to yours to increase your rank in local search results.

Advanced tip on generating backlinks

Look for websites with high domain authority related to your business, such as local news outlets or blogs in the same niche.

13. Use structured data

Wooden puzzles with data icons and data words. data concept

This helps Google understand what kind of content is on each page and rank it accordingly.

Advanced tip on using structured data

Add schema markup to your website and ensure all the required fields are filled out.

How to add schema markup on your website

– Go to

– Select the type of data you want to add (e.g., organization, product, etc.)

– Enter all the required fields and click “Generate.”

– Copy the generated code and paste it into your website.

14. Optimize page titles and meta descriptions

Letters of the English alphabet on a dark wooden background

Ensure your page titles and meta descriptions are accurate, relevant, and keyword optimized for better rankings in local searches.

How to optimize a page title and meta description

Suppose your business is located in Brooklyn, NY. One way to optimize a page title and meta description would be:

Page title: “Best Brooklyn SEO Services | Organic Google Ranking Specialists”

Meta Description: “We offer top-notch Brooklyn SEO services to help you rank higher in organic search results. Contact us today for a free consultation!”

15. Track your progress

Business People Analyzing Data In Meeting Room

Keep an eye on how your rank changes over time so you can adjust the strategies you are using to get the best results.

Advanced tip on tracking your progress

Use a rank tracker to monitor your rank in local search results.

You can use tools such as BrightLocal or AccuRanker to track your status and ensure it increases over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ranking Locally in Brooklyn

People asking questions in a seminar

How long does it take to rank locally in Brooklyn?

It depends on your strategies and how well your website is optimized for local SEO. Generally, it takes several months of consistent effort and optimization before you can see significant improvements in rank.

What is the best way to rank higher in local search results?

The best way to rank higher in local search results is by creating high-quality content optimized for keywords related to your business and industry and following best practices for optimizing your website for local SEO.

Building backlinks from relevant websites and leveraging social media marketing can make a big difference.

How important is it to have reviews for my business?

Reviews are incredibly important for local SEO; having positive reviews can help your rank in local search results, while negative reviews can hurt it.

Therefore, encouraging satisfied customers to leave a review on Google My Business or other sites can benefit rank in the long term.

By following these fifteen action steps, you’ll be well on your way to rank locally in Brooklyn. Keep in mind that local SEO can take time and it’s important to stay consistent with your efforts if you want to see the best results. Good luck!

Well, that’s it for this one!

If you found the above info useful, please share it on your favorite social media account!

Thanks, and till next time!

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